Mestre Poncianinho is the founder of the Capoeira Group Cordão de Ouro in London

Mestre Poncianinho demonstrating capoeira on a cruise ship for the camera Mestre Ponciano Almeida was born on 31st March 1980 and raised in Guaratinguetá, a small town in the state of São Paolo, Brazil.

He started Capoeira at the age of four in our first Capoeira Academy which was called JACARE ACADEMIA in Guaratingueta, when the name of our group was CONCEICAO DA PRAIA named by Mestre Ponciano, Mestre Poncianinho's uncle.

"Someone asked: Which is your favourite game that you played? My answer: The next!"

Mestre Poncianinho began his Capoeira training with M. Ponciano and M. Jose Antonio as he was fortunate enough to have both his father and his uncle as his Mestre, both students of Grande Mestre Suassuna.

Mestre Jose Antonio is the Mestre of CDO Guaratingueta where M. Poncianinho started teaching Capoeira at the age of fifteen.

Ponciano has since been doing capoeira shows and teaching full time in Brazil and throughout Europe, and he has been teaching in London since 2000.

His first batizado (capoeira grading) took place in London in October 2001. Since then Ponciano has appeared in music videos, magazines, newspapers and TV commercials, including the trailer for BBC One.

Ponciano became a master of capoeira in 2004.

Mestre Suassuna

Reinaldo Ramos Suassuna also known as Mestre Suassuna, was born in Bahia, Brazil in 1938 in Ilhéus and raised in Itabuna.
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Mestre Jose Antonio

Mestre Jose Antonio was born in Brazil in 1958. He is the master of Cordao de Ouro in Guaratingueta, and the father of Mestre Poncianinho. He has been teaching capoeira for more than 25 years.
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The Aurora show

BBC capoeira ident

Career highlights

  • Modelling for CAT ( CLOTHING )
  • Performing for Stomp and the WORLD FAIR TRADE DAY South Bank.
  • Simon Cowell xmas party for SYCO - Natural history Museum
  • FIAT Picnic in the park - Alexandra Palace
  • HSBC Shine awards
  • Marriott Hotel Advert - TV, Billboard Campaign and touring live show
  • CAREPHONE WAREHOUSE - Annual Staff Ball
  • Aurora show
  • Fiat Picnic in the park
  • Marriot shows
  • BBC Blast in Trafalgar square
  • o2 Christmas party
  • Acting and performing at the production of the new HARRY POTTER Film November/2005. View Trailer
  • Puma fashion shoot.
  • Bloomberg Annual Summer Party.
  • Capoeira show The Big Chill.
  • Capoeira show Pepsi advert with David Beckham, Beyonce and Jennifer Lopez
  • BBC 1 - Performing capoeira for the BBC ident
  • Party in the Park, performing capoeira for Victoria Beckham on her debut solo performance.
  • Acting and Performing in the movie VANITY FAIR that will be released for the cinemas on September/2004
  • Premier cruises lines, performing capoeira for a Brazilian and international review show Performing capoeira at the "Prince trust Urban Music Festival" with Umbro team at Earl's Court.
  • Modelling and performing for "Cirque Bijou Productions" and "Lee Cooper jeans"
  • Performing for "Sony Entertainment in event of Playstation Experience I and II" at Earl's Court.
  • Performing at the "Sport Personality of the year 2003" with Sony Entertainment Television.
  • Performing capoeira at Selfridges stores in London, Manchester, Birmingham on the event "Brazil 40"
  • Performing capoeira in various arts festival, clubs, private party's, fashion show and music video clips, in Brazil and U.K.
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