Please read the Frequently Asked Questions below if you are thinking about joining our group. You can also download a printable welcome pack

Do I need to be fit?

No you will gain all round fitness training with us, and we will help you build your fitness.

Do I need experience?

Most of our students today started with no experience, there is also no need to have martial arts or gymnastic experience.You will gradually build strength flexibility and technique as you work through your belts.

Are all you classes good for beginners?

We have a beginners class on Thursdays at the dance attic 6-7 p.m however classes are a general level and we divide the classes into levels, there is always somebody to help you along if you can't make the beginners class.We also have classes with many new students at the Oasis Sports centre on Tuesdays.

See Class timetable

Can I pay monthly?

No, at the moment you pay for each individual class that you do.

Do I need to book in advance?

No just turn up, although the classes at Oasis sports centre do have a limit for the amount of students in the class so it's best not to turn up last minute as you may not get in.

Do I need a uniform?

You will only need a uniform when you decide you want to train Capoeira on a regular Basis.

What shall I wear in the beginning?

Wear loose light clothing such as tracksuit bottoms and a thin t-shirt/vest top, it gets hot!

What do I wear on my feet?

Bare feet is the best option, you may need plasters in the beginning until your feet toughen up. I would advise you not to wear trainers that grip the floor too much, plimsoles are ideal and we also sell capoeira shoes when you decide to take it up seriously.

Do I need to be able to speak portuguese?

You will pick up alot of the language from learning the movements, songs, and hearing people talking, most of our students first language is English and many have learnt portuguese within the group and extra studies.

Do you play Capoeira Angola or Regional?

Mestre Saussuna has during his long career had influence over many Mestres and capoeiristas from all sides of the capoeira spectrum including Angola and Regional. In the course of the generations we have seen his influence range from the very playful capoeirista to the very cunning capoeirista. When asked what we are he has often said 'you are what the music asks of you'. (Mestre Saussuna)

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