Baris Yazar performing capoeira Since a young age Baris has been involved in street arts and performance through music spoken word poetry and rapping.

Baris first came into contact with Capoeira whilst watching a student documentary about the art. A friend of his then decided to take him to experience a Capoeira class,which is where he met Mestre Poncianinho. Now after a decade of training, performing and travelling with Capoeira in the UK and abroad Baris has had the opportunity to teach and perform in some of the most prestigious venues and events in the UK. Baris was graded professor in October 2010.

Apart from adult classes, he has extensively been involved with kids capoeira all over London. Working in schools (in and out of the curriculum) and within various youth clubs and projects.

Instructora Mare

A student of Mestre Poncianinho since 2001, Mare is the first female Instructor from the school of Mestre Poncianinho.

She now teaches weekly Saturday classes at London Contemporary Dance School in Euston.

Mestre Suassuna

Reinaldo Ramos Suassuna also known as Mestre Suassuna, was born in Bahia, Brazil in 1938 in Ilhéus and raised in Itabuna.
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Mestre Jose Antonio

Mestre Jose Antonio was born in Brazil in 1958. He is the master of Cordao de Ouro in Guaratingueta, and the father of Mestre Poncianinho. He has been teaching capoeira for more than 25 years.
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Mestre Poncianinho

Mestre Ponciano Almeida was born on 31st March 1980 and raised in Guaratinguetá, in the state of São Pao, Brazil
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